The Box

Box1 Box2At college we were given a project to make a box. I chose to make a fairly simple box in design, I really just wanted an excuse to practice making Dovetails! Well, I got what I wanted. For weeks all I did was cut dovetails. I didn’t have as much Elm as I’d have liked either, so originally all the sides had the grain running vertically (across the dovetails) which I quickly realised was a big mistake. So I ended up doing all the dovetails twice basically, which is fine, I went from being totally rubbish at it, to vaguely passable 🙂

Photo by Hazel Terry


Last Minute Exhibition Prep

photo (2)

I’ve made some business cards with a link to this blog on them, the hope is that people will take them and then not check the blog for a few months to give me a chance to actually post some content!

If you’re checking this after picking up a card, sorry folks, I promise I’ll write something interesting soon!